The Digital Journalist's Handbook


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If you're looking for an apocalyptic dissertation on why journalism is dying, this isn't that book.

The Digital Journalist's Handbook is your guide to the tools you need to know to thrive in the multimedia newsroom. This unique how-to book provides simple explanations of complex technologies and provides examples of how journalists can incorporate them into their stories and reporting. The Handbook is composed of 11 chapters, each dedicated to a different tool in the digital journalist's toolbox, and includes a glossary with definitions of more than 130 technical terms and phrases commonly used in digital journalism.

The Handbook is also fully illustrated and contains diagrams and guidelines of everything from the layout of a typical blog to the features found on a digital audio recorder. In addition, each chapter includes links to online resources, tutorials, and examples of every technology mentioned in the book, including Photoshop, iMovie, Final Cut, Soundslides, Audacity, GarageBand, Google Maps and more.

The Digital Journalist's Handbook is a must-read for both novice digital journalists and tech-savvy experts and is available now at